The 9 Best Peach Lipsticks You'll Live in This Spring

Make your lips look sun-kissed.

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The bold, dark lipsticks of the '90s have been making a steady comeback over the last few months, but that doesn't mean that lighter shades are out completely. Now that spring is on the horizon, beauty enthusiasts are looking toward the best peach lipsticks for a brighter look. While pinks tend to reign supreme in the summer, peach is the indisputable queen of spring—and will always stay in style.

"Beauty trends are ever-evolving, and while certain shades may come and go, peach lipstick often maintains a timeless appeal," professional makeup artist Andrea DiSabatino tells Marie Claire. "Peach lipstick is commonly associated with spring and summer. However, this doesn't mean peach is limited to warmer months. Muted or deeper peach shades can seamlessly transition into fall, adding warmth to autumnal looks." These shades can also brighten up an otherwise dark winter outfit, or can signal the arrival of spring.

The best peach lipsticks are clearly a year-round essential, and spring is the ideal time to get on board. Below, find DiSabatino's advice on finding the right peach lipstick for your skin, along with a reviewer-tested guide to the sweetest peach tones. Each lipstick ahead is bound to lend a sun-kissed touch to even the dreariest days.

What to Look for

Those with medium or dark skin tones may believe that peach lipstick isn't dark or pigmented enough for them. However, this is a huge misconception, since there are a multitude of formulas available in the makeup universe.

"Peach lipstick, with its warm and inviting tones, is known for its versatility across a range of skin tones," DiSabatino says. "The suitability of peach lipstick often depends on the specific shade and undertones. Generally, peach lipsticks work exceptionally well on individuals with warm undertones, adding a natural and flattering touch."

For fair or medium tones, DiSabatino recommends lighter peaches that provide a soft and delicate look. "These shades enhance the natural warmth of the complexion without overpowering it," the expert explains. "On the other hand, deeper peach tones can be particularly striking on medium to dark skin tones, offering a rich and vibrant appearance that complements the warmth inherent in these complexions."

The Best Peach Lipsticks

Meet the Expert

Andrea DiSabatino
Andrea DiSabatino

Andrea DiSabatino is a professional hair and makeup artist and graduate of the Carsten Aveda Institute. She has worked extensively in the editorial space and on music videos, and is currently based in New York City.

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