Johnson & Johnson Is Pulling Skin-Lightening Creams From Shelves Overseas

The Fine Fairness and Clear Fairness lines were used to lighten skin in Asia, India, and the Middle East.

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In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, beauty brands and corporations continue to implement much-needed change as it pertains to racial injustice. On June 19, Johnson & Johnson announced its latest plan of action: The corporation will cease production of two skin-lightening product lines that were billed as "dark spot reducers" and sold exclusively overseas. The product lines being discontinued are Fine Fairness by Neutrogena (which was available in the Middle East and Asia) and Clear Fairness by Clean & Clear (which was available in India).

Both product lines were marketed as dark-spot reducers, but many consumers would purchase the products in an effort to lighten their skin tone. The corporation noted in a statement: "Conversations over the past few weeks have highlighted that some product names or claims on our Neutrogena and Clean & Clear dark spot-reducer products represent fairness or white as better as your own unique skin tone. This was never our intention—healthy skin is beautiful skin."


For a short period of time, the products will remain available on store shelves in the Middle East and Asia, but the company has confirmed that the product links are being taken down from the company's website. "We will no longer produce or ship the product line," the company stated to the New York Times.

The vital decision to cease production by Johnson & Johnson marks just the beginning of the much-needed dismantling of harmful skin bleaching agents.

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Chelsea Hall

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