Hannah Stocking Shares Her Skincare Routine and #1 Shower Hack

"I feel alive afterwards."

Hannah Stocking is one to watch, especially on the internet. She has over 7.3 million YouTube subscribers and 18.1 million Instagram followers because keeping things entertaining and engaging is her specialty. Warning: It's impossible to watch just one of her videos, you'll be way too caught up laughing uncontrollably to disengage. In the latest episode of Masked and Answered, Stocking's sharing some of her favorite beauty tips with Marie Claire.

Her first tip: Sheet masks should be a part of your morning routine—Loops Clean Slate Mask ($30) is her morning mask of choice. "I love this mask because it's so hydrating, detoxifying, soothing, and cooling, which I love because it wakes me up for the day," Stocking says. "It holds onto your skin, so you can do whatever [else] you want to do in your morning routine." Here's to sheet masks that don't slide off your face in five seconds!

Her p.m. routine starts with washing her face with Dove Soap ($4). "And then whatever extra makeup I didn't get off, I can get off using my trusty Grapeseed Oil ($9), which really helps remove any extra eye makeup." She finishes by applying Black Cast0r Oil ($3) to the ends of her hair, which is lauded for its nourishing benefits to revive weak or damaged strands.

Looking for a way to liven up your shower? Stocking has a simple tip to take your shower up several notches: "My favorite at-home beauty ritual is going in my shower and making it extremely hot for one minute and then extremely cold for another minute," Stocking explains. "I feel alive afterwards—I literally feel like I can do backflips even though I can't." As for her wellness practices, she enjoys yoga. "When I do yoga, I do feel a difference in my skin. It's definitely more glowy because yoga really helps with circulation," she explains.

Makeup is also her thing. When she's doing it herself she keeps it minimal, but when she's getting it professionally done she loves to play with colors. "[Makeup] is an amazing way to express yourself and show your character—it really helps you transform, " she says, which also relates to her beauty belief: "What you're feeling on the inside radiates to your outer appearance."

Stocking removes her sheet mask on camera and the results are hydrated, smooth, and firm skin. "I also like to rub some of the extra serum onto the back of my hands, especially since I'm washing my hands so often now," she shares, which is another tip to get the most out of your mask and hydrate your hands.

Watch Stocking's full video above for more details on her beauty routine. Don't forget to subscribe to Marie Claire's YouTube Channel to catch up on the latest episodes of Masked and Answered and share your favorite mask in the comments.


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Maya Allen
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