Obsessing Over Chanel Rouge Coco and Vanessa Paradis

We asked celeb makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi to give us the goods on Vanessa Paradis.

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(Image credit: Matt Jones)

Last night we stopped by Bloomingdale's to hang out with Chanel celebrity makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi and play with makeup and stuff. Farolfi was the genius who helped Johnny Depp's main squeeze, Vanessa Paradis, look even more unbelievably gorgeous for our "Chic in Chanel" photo shoot (check it out immediately!). Obviously, Farolfi is smitten with Coco Rouge, a creamy, high-pigment lipstick that we've been admiring in all those ads lately (Paradis is the face of the line). "I love it because it's never greasy and stays on well, but anyone can just swipe it on the go," she told us at the event, co-hosted by Marie Claire. "It's no lip liner required. Who doesn't like the sound of that?"

As for working with Paradis, no dirt there: "She's a rock star! Also incredibly nice. Like, really, really nice," Farolfi gushed. That's always kind of awesome to hear. Also surprising? According to Farolfi she's tiny, as in about 5'4". Sounds like you don't always have to be an amazon to be a supermodel. Huh. Good to know, good to know.

Erin Flaherty

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