The Best Dry Texturizers Are Going to Add Grit and Volume Without Feeling Stiff

I’ve hit bottom on each of these bottles.

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My hair has no volume and very little texture—but you would never know it. You see, my collection of the best dry texturizers has allowed me to become a master of hair disguise. “Dry texturizers add airy volume, grit, and texture to the hair,” explains Bumble and Bumble Global Artistic Ambassador Evanie Frausto. “Think of it as a blend of a dry shampoo and salt spray that expands the hair to have more fullness and texture.” 

I’ve been using dry texturizers for quite some time, but up until recently, I considered them a necessary evil. More often than not, the formulations left my hair feeling stiff and, if I’m being completely honest, dirty. There were a few exceptions (you’ll find them below), but in recent months a handful of new dry texturizer innovations have made their way onto the market. 

dry texturizer

Dry texturizers can be applied either directly to the roots of the hair or throughout the entire mid-section.

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It's a new day in the world of dry texturizers—brands like ROZ, ColorWow, and Unite have improved formulas that provide the volume-boosting, texture-adding properties, while still maintaining a flexible hold and clean feel in the hair. 

To get the full breakdown on these new formulas, shop for a few of my other favorites, and see what celebrity stylists count as their can’t-live-without dry texturizers, scroll ahead.

The Best Dry Texturizers

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What Is a Dry Texturizer?

As the name indicates, a dry texturizing spray is a dry-to-touch hair product that adds texture. “It’s typically an aerosol form and is built to add grit to the hair, allowing the hair to move more freely than your typical paste-style texturizer," explains hairstylist Rodger Azadganian. "It is a very versatile product that can be used on all hair types, providing hold and grit without the commitment of a hair spray.”

Typically, you'll find micro-fine powders, like zeolite, in the formula—it's what provides grit. "Zeolite is a naturally derived mineral that's incredibly absorbent and helps create that gritty texture," says Madison Garrett, hairstylist at Spoke & Weal Salon in New York City. "Because of it's ability to absorb oils, it can be drying." Make sure you choose a formula that counteracts the drying effects with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin.

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Adding dry texturizer to the roots of your hair before pulling it into an updo will allow your style to stay in place.

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Do I Need a Dry Texturizer?

Dry texturizers are a want, not a need, but it’s important to note that every hair type can use one to build more texture into their style. "They're really great for those with fine hair or those who have hair that falls flat easily," explains Garrett. "It gives them lift and hold while still being pliable to styling."

Those with curlier or coily hair might want to incorporate a dry texturizer, too—especially if they’re trying to achieve a more dramatic style.

How to Use a Dry Texturizer

Even the most lightweight and airy dry texturizing formulas can feel crunchy if you don’t apply them properly. First and foremost, you’ll want to use a dry texturizer after completely styling your hair. “Once your hair is dried in curls, waves, blown out or pulled up, spray the product where you want to see more volume and texture,” advises Frausto. “I usually start at the ends and work my way through the hair.” 

Make sure you’re holding the bottle at least six to eight inches away from the hair, too. "Move in a back and forth or circular motion while spraying to make sure the product is evenly distributed," explains Garrett.

Meet the Experts

Madison Rae Garrett

Madison Rae Garrett is a master colorist and educator at Spoke & Weal Salon in Soho NYC.

Evanie Frausto

Based in New York, Evanie Frausto began his career training under the celebrated hairstylist, Jimmy Paul. Frausto works regularly with publications and has shot covers with Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Joan Smalls, and campaigns for Fenty Beauty, MAC, Estée Lauder, Nike, and Glossier. In 2023, Frausto was appointed Global Artist Ambassador at Bumble & Bumble. 

Rodger Azadganian

A 35-year veteran in the beauty industry, who is the Founder of äz Craft Luxury Haircare for the discerning hairdresser who aims to inspire creativity, while fueling their passion for their profession. Rodger is a master hairstylist, product formulator and has owned several salons, including Salon 8 in Seattle.

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