The Best Nude Nail Polishes for Every Skin Tone

These neutral tones are perfect for summer.

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I've painted my nails for over a decade. When I started, I gravitated towards deep black, red, and purple nail polish shades , but more recently, I've become attracted to the best nude nail polishes, similar to the shade Bella Hadid wore to the Cannes Film Festival. Nudes—like pale pinks and tans—never clash with my outfits or makeup. Plus, when they chip, it's barely noticeable. "Colors that qualify as 'nude' nail polishes are any tone, shade, or hue resembling various skin tones," explains celebrity nail artist Julie Kandalec. "Nude hues range from sheer to opaque, catering to individual preferences for a natural or polished look."

Nude nail polishes are also great for those looking for an understated look. It's partly why the royal family, including Princess Kate and Meghan Markle, have never been photographed in a non-nude shade. During the Queen Elizabeth era, royal protocol stipulated they had to avoid bright shades. The reason being: "They have a classic vibe that never goes out of style," says nail artist and content creator Hannah Lee.

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Kate Middleton keeps it simple in a nude French manicure in 2023.

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Thankfully, there's a plethora of nude shades, with options for every skin tone. With that in mind, we've gathered some of the best nude nail polishes for every price point and advice from Lee and Kandalec on finding the best nude for you.

The Best Nude Nail Polishes

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The Best Nude Nail Polish for Your Skin Tone

Unlike face makeup, nude nail polish doesn't need to match your skin tone exactly—it just needs to be flattering. Kandalec says that while nude polishes can look great when they're a precise match to your skin, nude shades are more about personal preference. "[Think about] what makes you feel comfortable and confident while wearing them, regardless of whether they match your skin tone exactly," she says.

That said, Lee tends to recommend certain nudes for specific skin tones—even though no shade is entirely off the table for any consumer. "For those with lighter skin tones with blue or green undertones, I recommend shades that are peachy or warm pinks," she says. "Softer pinks would work great for those with more purple or blue undertones."

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Issa Rae wears a stunning shade of pale pink at the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

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She says deeper skin tones with cool undertones might want to consider beige shades that lean a bit pink. "If you have warmer undertones and deeper skin, then creamy beige colors are the way to go. Dark skin tones look great in richer, more vibrant nudes that lean more on the pink and orange side," adds Lee.

Note that these are just guidelines; if you see a nude color that you love, go for it.

How to Pick the Best Nude Nail Polish for the Season

Lighter colors, including nudes, generally become more popular when the weather gets warmer. Nude nails are the most popular during transitional weather, with fall shades being deeper and more brown, while spring shades include more whites and pinks.

"For spring, I love a lighter sheer nude since it feels so fresh and chic, and during summer, I lean towards a tan opaque nude since it reminds me of sandy beaches," she says. For fall, I love a rusty nude with a little bit of orange undertones. Finally, for winter, I recommend a rich, darker nude, which always seems to fit the moodier vibes during the chilly months."

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