How Sexy Is Your Showerhead?

Canopy’s newest launch is the latest to heat up home hardware.

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Beauty tools can have sex appeal. Lounging in a Dr. Dennis Gross LED face mask or walking around with a head full of velcro rollers might not seem inherently sexy, yet these tools have finagled their way into the quote-unquote hot girl starter pack, alongside Pilates memberships and hangover headbands.

The list even extends to appliances for rinsing off at the start (or end) of the day. Showerheads—previously functional home hardware with options limited to brass or nickel—now have an Instagrammable allure. The straightforward Kohlers, Deltas, and Moens of the world have been untwisted and removed from bathrooms by swarms of beauty and wellness fanatics, in favor of sleek options by Jolie, FilterBaby, and Kitsch. These upgraded versions promise to remove unwanted metals, chlorine, and other elements from the water stream, bestowing you with shinier, brighter, healthier hair in the process. And there's still room for new innovations to enter the fold: Canopy's Handheld Filtered Showerhead arrives online today and features a detachable head massager.

This release arrives in an era where the BeautyTok influencers aren’t just screaming the praises of their Olaplex No. 3 and Crown Affair Microfiber towels; They’re standing in an hour-long line at the photo-opp-worthy Jolie New York City pop-up and dropping more exclamation points on shower head teaser videos than I care to count. “These filtered showerheads have become a bit of a status symbol in the beauty world over the past few months,” says Tom Smith, a hair trend forecaster and consultant. Need more proof? Canopy's Instagram comments are flooded with requests for more products that could rival a streetwear drop.

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While unexpected, the sudden peak in showerhead popularity is easy to trace. The global hair health market was valued at nearly 100 billion dollars last year and is expected to grow to $213 billion by 2032. Our fascination with healthy hair—and a healthy scalp—clearly has our long-term attention. “With water quality a hot topic at the moment, the effect of the high metal and mineral content in water is clear on hair—build-up, dullness, tangles, and at worst, reactions with chemical services—mean that keeping the hair detoxed is a great foundation to build upon for healthy hair,” Smith adds.

The latest showerhead to enter the fold might just be the hottest to date. Canopy's new design is tricked out, touting basic filtering mechanisms and every add-on required to turn a shower experience into a head spa. But how does it stack up against the rest of the status shower heads? Marie Claire set out to find out.

How Is Canopy’s Showerhead Different?

The competition to be the supreme showerhead is steep. Jolie, which launched in 2021, was the main industry disrupter. But in the years since, the category has boomed with products promising detoxed shower water and, as a result, healthier, shinier, color-preserved hair.

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FilterBaby launched in 2022. Act + Acre joined the shower head party in February 2024. And Canopy, which started as an elevated humidifier company, entered the haircare game in September 2023. The original shower head filter instantly succeeded, garnering nearly 400 five-star reviews in under a year. The brand’s newest iteration—available today—is offered as a handheld addendum.

It’s Easy to Install

I am by no means a handyman. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I am entirely inept at assembling a children’s toy. Yet, somehow, I could piece together the entire Canopy Handheld unit in under 20 minutes. The construction is intuitive and requires no tools. You might need a wrench to untwist your current showerhead, but the Canopy kit has one inside.

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If you’re lucky enough to have a regular showerhead and a handheld faucet, this tool is a nice add-on. If you only have one showerhead set up, fear not: The Canopy has a converter and can attach to the main spigot.

The filters pop on and off too, so when it’s time to replace around the three-month mark, you can replace it with a new one.

Handheld Massage

The main appeal of Canopy’s latest launch is the handheld component that lends itself to a scalp massage. Targeting its intense water pressure on select areas can cleanse product buildup quickly. Dry shampoo, styling products, and oil or grease will quite literally fall down the drain.

As an added benefit, the strong stream of water and close proximity to the scalp can stimulate circulation and as a result, promote healthy hair growth.

Signature Aromas

Canopy's Handheld Showerhead comes with a cute little aroma pack that instantly transforms the shower into a spa. The essential oil blend is a little floral and has a hint of citrus and a dash of sweetness. It’s aromatic but doesn't overwhelm the senses.

Can a Showerhead Like Canopy’s Make Hair Healthier?

The reality is not everyone needs a filtered showerhead. The extent of your results depends on your water. Hard water, which contains an excess of calcium and magnesium, leaves hair rough and prone to buildup.

The goal of a filter is to create the cleanest water and most natural results. “Using various materials inside the filter, the showerhead targets common elements found in tap water,” explains Smith. “Copper, chlorine, and various other elements can discolor hair. By filtering them from the water before they reach your hair, you’ll notice hair feels better.”

The best way to find out if your hair will be made shinier, softer, and healthier? Try the Canopy (or any of today's status showerheads) for yourself.

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