Chanel Lipstick and Aesop Hand Wash: 20 Small Luxuries I'll Never Stop Buying

Plus, they all make excellent gifts.

Chanel Lipstick and Aesop Hand Wash: 20 Small Luxuries I'd Never Stop Buying
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Despite being a shopping editor, I'm generally not an overspender. Don't get me wrong. I love to invest in a timeless designer piece and dabble in new trends from time to time, but there's no denying I inherited the frugal gene. (Thanks, mom.) There are, however, several small luxuries I've discovered over the years that I'll never stop buying. I'm loyal to them because, despite being small in size, they bring me an overwhelming sense of comfort, pleasure, elegance, and joy!

Below, I'm sharing a selective list of the happiness-inducing items for my wardrobe, home, and beauty regime that I take great pleasure in, from luxurious hand wash to the most sumptuous cleansing balm and silk scrunchies. (If I could include my $9 latte from my corner coffee shop, I would—I'm a sucker for homemade almond milk and vanilla syrup.)

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