5 Eco-Conscious Products Our Beauty and Health Editor Loves

Including a reef-safe SPF and waterless body wash housed in dissolvable packaging.

taylore glynn

If you’re trying to think of ways to be eco-conscious, you’re not alone. According to Globescan’s 2020 Sustainable Living Survey, which included 27,000 participants, people are eager to lead more sustainable lifestyles but feel unsure of where to begin. Being more earth-friendly can start with simple swaps to your everyday routine—and Marie Claire Beauty and Health Editor Taylore Glynn knows this firsthand. She’s someone who wants to do right by the planet but has to test (literally) hundreds of products as part of her job, which can create a ton of waste. On top of actively recycling, she leans on the following six products to minimize her carbon footprint.

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1 Plant Based Lotion Sunscreen
Australian Gold

Glynn has to be extra diligent about sun protection because of her fair skin tone. She’s been reaching for Australian Gold’s new Face Lotion with SPF 50 and Body Lotion with SPF 30. The brand housed the plant based formulas in recycled packaging (over 50 percent of the tube is made from recycled material) and formulated them to be reef-safe. 

“They're really moisturizing formulas, yet don’t leave behind that gross tacky feeling or a white cast,” Glynn says. “Plus, anything with coconut oil, especially in the summer, is great because it’s light but naturally hydrating.”

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2 Gallon Water Bottle with Straw
Hydromate hydromateusa.com

Integrating a reusable water bottle into your everyday routine is one of the easiest ways you can cut down on your plastic use. While there are myriad on the market now, Glynn’s personal favorite is the HydroMate. “It's a full gallon, which is great since I’ve been trying to be better about drinking more water lately,” she says.

She goes on to explain how purchasing a reusable bottle was crucial for her lifestyle. “I grew up in New Jersey where the tap water isn’t fantastic and I cringe thinking about how many plastic water bottles I used to go through.”

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3 Dede Shampoo Bar
Davines davines.com

Glynn opts for these shampoo bars—which are packaged in paper—for her fine hair. “They are really hydrating and they definitely help cut down on plastic consumption,” she says.

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4 36 Ounce Bowl
Stojo stojo.co

If you love to cook the way Glynn does, she highly recommends getting these Stojo bowls for how they collapse and save space. “I cook a ton for myself, my friends, and my boyfriend,” she says. “There are always leftovers and I’ve found that I've been using fewer plastic bags because these are so great for storage.”

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5 Body Wash in Waves
Plus cleanwith.plus

Glynn uses Plus’s new waterless body cleanser, which features dissolvable packaging that washes down the drain without a trace once you’re done sudsing up. “It’s such a cool concept and I’ve been really enjoying the formula,” says Glynn.

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