The 9 Best Face Primers for a Great Makeup Day

Like an Instagram filter in a bottle.

(Image credit: Nyx/Milk Makeup/Tatcha/Dior/Fenty)

It’s no secret that good makeup starts with good skin (opens in new tab)—but it also should go without saying that good makeup truly begins with a good face primer. But finding a primer that works for you and your skin type? That can feel nearly as challenging as finding your favorite moisturizer (opens in new tab) or foundation (opens in new tab). Why? Because there are a ton of primers on the market at nearly every single price point—and they all promise to do different things. Some formulas swear that they will keep your makeup on for 24-plus hours. Others claim that they will minimize your pores (opens in new tab) in an instant. Some add glow, others keep oil at bay.

In the end, it all comes down to one thing: Does the primer you choose actually make your makeup look better throughout the day? To make sure that your hard-earned shopping time doesn’t go to waste, we scoped out the top-rated face primers that you can buy right now, from the classic cult primers to the brand-new products taking over the internet.

Julia Marzovilla
E-Commerce Editor

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