This Video of Beyoncé's Hair Getting Trimmed by Tina Knowles WIll Make Your Day

Beyoncé: "Mama, that's, very annoying."

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It's not like I needed any more confirmation that Beyoncé is me, and I am her, but this precious video Momma Tina Knowles posted on IG—who is legitimately my favorite personality to follow on Instagram (exhibit A, and B)—is even more proof that celebs are just like us. Like many Black women, I grew up getting my hair done by my mom. It was our Sunday ritual. Our kitchen would transform into an at-home beauty salon, so my mom could comb, detangle, twist, trim, braid, or press my hair. Knowles, who owned a popular hair salon in Houston, Texas in the '90s, does the same with her superstar daughter. And still does 37-year-old Bey's hair.

Turn your sound on to hear this candid mother-daughter moment. Bless Instagram for this internet gold:

Knowles, who has since deleted the video from her page, which tells me Beyoncé had strong feelings about this private moment being shared with the world, captioned the video: "I was trimming my baby's hair today and I am mocking Neal! Getting on her nerves! Being really annoying." Knowles is referring to her daughter's response to her shenanigans "Mama, that's annoying . . . like very annoying," Beyoncé responds in the video to Tina showing off her "au naturale" hair. Who can relate when their mom turns the camera on? Same, sis.

It's no secret that when the world is watching, Bey keeps it cute. She always turns it on and has an incredibly poised and put-together demeanor. It's refreshing to see this behind-the-scenes moment of her life, hanging with her mom, who is doing her hair, and being endearingly annoying. Unsurprisingly, the Beyhive is living for this peak into Bey's unfiltered life Tina exposed us to. The Shaderoom video has over 2 million views full of commenters obsessing over this precious mother-daughter exchange, and dying over how long her natural hair is. It's rare to see the superstar's natural hair—we're used to keeping watch on her gorgeous hair changes like the chocolate brunette color she just debuted. ICYMI in the video, the superstar's natural hair is lengthy without the added inches of extensions.

The lesson: follow Momma Tina on Instagram now for iconic videos of Beyoncé and Solange, then turn your post notifications on so you can catch the realness right when it hits the 'Gram.

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