Return of the Perm

Perms are making a comeback. How else can you achieve those disco-funky, frizzy spirals that showed on the runway for spring?

(Image credit: Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio)

Perms are making a comeback. How else can you achieve those disco-funky, frizzy spirals that Marc Jacobs showed on the runway for spring? It's not like you have Redken superstylist Guido Palau camped out at your house and ready to fluff out your pin curls every morning like he did for the models backstage, right? But perms aren't just for the hair on your head anymore.

Last night, I went to Browhaus to get a perm for my lashes. Located on Spring Street in SoHo, Browhaus is the downtown haven that specializes in fringe benefits–from lash extensions, tints, and semi-permanent brow makeup to waxing, threading, and even laser hair removal. I had been going there for months to satisfy my lash extension addiction (Browhaus' touch-ups are only $12), but then i noticed that they were offering permanent lash curling as well. I had heard of lash perms before, but always assumed they were illegal, extremely dangerous, off-the-menu services offered in the back room at sketchy Asian beauty parlors (the ones that don't have any windows). Apparently not--there it was, clearly printed on Browhaus' wall menu. Since I was on a hiatus from extensions (to let my now anemic-lashes breathe and grow out again), I thought I'd give the perm a try.

One hour and $84 later, my straight lashes were now cutesy curly. And when I woke up this morning, I still looked dolly-eyed. While they're not the Kim Kardashian-drama of lash extensions, I must say that having curly lashes makes my eyes look brighter and my face more feminine. My lashes are naturally black, so now I don't even need mascara (especially now that I don't need to lock my flirty curl in place). If these results last as long as Browhaus claims (3-4 months), I may never go back to lash extensions!