Carrie Bradshaw's Hair Evolution

A look back at the styles that defined a generation.
Hair, Face, Head, Fun, People, Hairstyle, Forehead, Photograph, Facial expression, Interaction,
A look back at the styles that defined a generation.
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The Short-Lived Short Hair Era
Remember this? We were introduced to Carrie Bradshaw when she was sporting this short, layered 'do sans her signature ombré.
Nose, Mouth, Lip, Hairstyle, Shoulder, Eyebrow, Chest, Long hair, Beauty, Brown hair,
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The Start of Something Big Era
Human, Comfort, Lighting, Room, Human leg, Sitting, Interior design, Beauty, Lamp, Youth,
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The Let Me Leave My Blow Dryer in Your Bathroom Era
Fur clothing, Boot, Natural material, Animal product, Street fashion, Fur, Blond, Fashion model, Toy, Fashion design,
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The Politician Wants to Pee on Me Era
Clothing, Shoulder, Dress, Joint, Style, Bag, Street fashion, One-piece garment, Vehicle door, Fashion,
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The Sleeping With the Wrong Men Era
Shoulder, Dress, Purple, Waist, Fashion accessory, Beauty, Gown, Wedding dress, Lavender, Fashion model,
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The Aiden Meet-Cute
Mouth, Hand, Chest, Drink, Jewellery, Tableware, Alcohol, Alcoholic beverage, Drinkware, Distilled beverage,
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The Living with Aiden's Deodorants Era
Coat, Trousers, Dress, Photograph, Suit, Outerwear, Formal wear, Interaction, Gesture, Ceremony,
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The Goodbye Big Era
Human body, Hand, Human leg, Sunglasses, Dress, Street fashion, Goggles, Luggage and bags, Thigh, Bag,
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The BFF with My Boyfriend's Mom Era
Clothing, Hair, Hairstyle, Trousers, Coat, Dress, Suit, Outerwear, Formal wear, Mammal,
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The Get Me Out of This White Dress Era
Sleeve, Textile, Pattern, Coat, Bag, Formal wear, Blazer, Fashion, Plaid, Tartan,
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The I'm Pregnant so Look at My New Haircut Era
Clothing, Lip, Winter, Jacket, Textile, Outerwear, Happy, Pink, Facial expression, People in nature,
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The Pretty Curls for My Russian Era
Eye, Hairstyle, Shoulder, Beauty, Fashion, Eyelash, Step cutting, Layered hair, Blond, Brown hair,
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The I'm Really Getting Married This Time Era
Drinkware, Stemware, Glass, Barware, Wine glass, Champagne stemware, Tableware, Jewellery, Transparent material, Necklace,
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The It's Hot in Abu Dhabi Era
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