20 Short Blonde Hairstyles for Every Tone, Type, and Texture

Go ahead, let us convince you.

Cynthia Erivo
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Here’s the thing: If you are a natural blonde, as an adult, congratulations! Seriously! You are part of the very rare estimated two percent of the world’s population. For the rest of us, blonde ambition requires a little (or a lot) more effort. Like, say, a great wig, excellent extensions, a trip to the colorist, or an at-home dye job, where our base color is chemically lifted. And no matter how high quality the hair dye is, that process is innately damaging to your strands. (Color has to penetrate—and disrupt—the hair shaft to stay put.) Which is why short blonde hair is a great option. Shorter blonde hair means fresher ends, a brighter tone, and an overall better finish.

So, what's the best short blonde hairstyle for you? That depends on three factors: The shape of your face, the texture of your strands, and the tone of blonde that you've opted for. If you've got for an icy near-white platinum, we say yes to super-short, or even shaved styles. Warmer, honied shades look great in shoulder-length cuts or above. And we're all about wavy styles with dimensional blondes—ones that span from flax to butter and back again. Which is all to say that if you aren't going with a single process, you have a little more leeway with layers, slices, and chops. Ahead, we've gathered twenty of the best short blonde hairstyles on celebrities right now. Get inspired, and get excited for healthy hair that sparkles.

Maya Allen
Former Beauty Editor

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