The 12 Best Deep Conditioners and Masks Your Curly Hair Will Love

Say hello to springy, quenched curls.

Woman with Curly Hair
(Image credit: Getty Images ¦ MStudioImages)

If you have curly hair, we salute you, we see you, we envy you, and we offer you this list of twelve deep conditioners absolutely ideal for putting moisture where you need it most. If your hair is curly and you swear it's dryer than that strands of your straight or wavy-haired peers, you're not imagining things. Here are the facts: On the surface of your hair, cuticles lay in an interlocking pattern, working like little shields to keep moisture inside the shaft. When your hair is curly, those cuticles lift up by nature, meaning that hydration can seep out. The result? Hair that looks frizzy, not fresh; curls that look diffused, not springy; and a coiled pattern that can be irregular.

The good news? There's a relatively easy solve to all of that. We're talking about deep conditioning, in all its glory. As with any beauty endeavor, all deep conditioners aren't created equal. For starters, you'll want to look for something without sulfates—they end up lifting cuticles even further. Next, consider the texture and form-factor of the product you're considering. Lighter weight versions, like serums, spray-on oils, or milks, will play better with fine curly strands. For thick and dense coils, consider creams, puddings, and masks. Some will want to be left on and rinsed out, others still spritzed in and styled per usual. Some can be used every time you shower. Ahead, twelve deep conditioners for curly hair that stylists and curly-haired editors swear by.