Kate Hudson's Bright Pink Lipstick Combats the Winter Blues

Who needs sunshine, anyway?

Kate Hudson
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If you're feeling good, you're looking good: that's the Kate Hudson philosophy. Today, the 44-year-old was obviously feeling good, so much so that her beauty choices brightened up a wildly gray day.

Leaving ABC Studios in New York City on Thursday, January 4, the Almost Famous actress rocked a fresh sweep of bubblegum pink lipstick, a genius antidote for the chilly, overcast weather and winter blues that awaited her. Her famous blonde locks also worked as a great stand-in for the missing sunshine, laying sleek as can be against a fur coat and striped, multicolored sweater.

Kate Hudson

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Hudson's stop at the studio was for an appearance on The View, where she discussed achieving New Year's health and fitness resolutions.

"It always feels like it's such a daunting task. For people who wake up on New Year's Day and think 'this is my year,' how do you change the habits so it becomes your life?" the "Sibling Revelry" podcast host asked. "I've been doing this my whole life. My brain is programmed to want to work out, to want to eat [well], because it's something I love. But the reality is that it's challenging for even me. Let alone someone that's starting new habits."

The trick? Make sure there's play involved. Have fun with your inner child while making sure you're engaging in activities that feel good to you.

Hudson shared a similar sentiment in the past while discussing her daily beauty routine with Marie Claire, noting (as previously mentioned!) that feeling well has to come before looking good. And that it's always playtime.

“It’s obviously so much fun to talk about beauty products, but the reality is that if you’re not feeling good internally then none of that matters,” she shared. “So what are we doing internally and actively for our brains? What’s our mental activity that’s allowing us to feel beautiful? Then we can put on all the makeup and have fun with that. And it really is so much fun.”

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