The Beauty Glossary

Can't pronounce the ingredient, the makeup artist's name, or even the product? Read our guide!

Beauty Glossary
(Image credit: MJ Kim)

AMMONIUM THIOGLYCOLATE \ah-mo-nee-um thigh-o-gly-co-late\

Thanks to Elle Woods's courtroom chemistry in Legally Blonde, this perming agent rolls off our tongues.

ANTHELIOS \an-thee-lee-ose\

So much do American derms love this La Roche-Posay sunblock (a French pharmacy brand), they smuggle in cases from Europe and Canada.

DECOLLETAGE \dey-kol-leh-tahzh\

Area between the neck and bust.

DIHYDROXYACETONE \di-hy-drok-see-as-eh-tone\

The ingredient in self-tanners that is responsible for bronzing the skin's surface.

JOJOBA \ho-ho-ba\

As in Santa's "ho, ho," not your average Joe. The oil is extracted from desert shrubs and enriches skin and hair products.

KEVYN AUCOIN \kev-in oh-kwan\

late legend was as famous for his artful makeup as he was for his friendships with A-listers Naomi Campbell and Gwyneth Paltrow. His cosmetic line lives on.

NEATHAGE \neeth-age\

Aka "Australian cleavage." It describes female breasts exposed "down under" - on the underside of a too-small tank or bikini top. See spring-break beach parties.

OLE HENRIKSEN \ooo-la hen-rick-sen\

Despite the "ooh-la-la" connotations, the natural skincare line devised by this Danish-born, L.A.-based facial maestro is anything but froufrou.

ORIBE \or-bay\

Cuban-born hairstylist who made headlines when it was reported that his daily rate for J.Lo was $10,000. Apparently, his love does cost a thing.

PHTHALATES \tha-lates\

Chemicals being removed from products like nail polish because of potential reproductive risks. (See p. 29b for more info.)

SCÛNCI \skunn-see\

This cheap and chic PA-based hair-accessories brand was named after the creator's pup.

SHU UEMURA \shoo ew-ee-moo-ra\

Japanese-born movie makeup artist who turned his way with a lash into big-time cash with cult-favorite gold curlers, mink falsies, and progressive cosmetics.

SONIA KASHUK \so-nya cash-uck\

Cindy Crawford's go-to makeup girl hit a bull's-eye with her namesake beauty line for Target.