The 21 Best BB Creams for Every Skin Type

Our favorite formulas for a healthy, dewy glow.

best bb creams
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"Blemish Balms," more commonly referred to as BB creams, are a coveted multi-tasking product for no-makeup makeup lovers who hate heavy-duty foundation. That you? If so, BB creams are a lifesaver on days when you just can't muster up the energy to apply a full face of foundation, or when you're pressed for time and need to cut your complexion routine in half. These lightweight creams sit at the intersection of makeup and skincare, as they're jam-packed with skin-enhancing ingredients that mask imperfections while nourishing your skin.

What do BB creams do?

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BB creams moisturize and prime the skin, and they do this while evening out discoloration, concealing blemishes, and protecting against UVA rays. Not to mention, they leave your skin looking poreless and radiant—like you're not even wearing makeup.

These beauty superstars come in sheer to buildable coverage and apply seamlessly to give you a smooth and effortless glow. You won't be concerned with looking too cake-y or dry with these textures. Not to mention, many BB creams offer SPF protection, if you're looking to skip that very important step of applying sunscreen in your a.m. routine.

Chelsea Hall

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