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Holy Sh*t, This Foundation Covers *Everything* and the Internet Is Losing Its Mind

Just imagine how it would handle some run-of-the-mill zit.

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Call up a mental image of Kat Von D, and what do you see? Jet black hair, alabaster skin, ruby red lips...okay, that also sounds like Snow White. But Snow White didn't have a spray of stars tattooed on her temple or inked roses around her neck, and she didn't have a cult makeup line, either.

Kat Von D Beauty has been making cruelty-free makeup products since 2008, with her insanely precise Tattoo Liner being a particular fave for how it makes a cat eye something approaching easy. At the moment, her Lock-It Foundation is getting extra attention due to an impressive Instagram posted by a fan of the line.

"I work in the corporate world and DO NOT know what I would do without your foundation and concealer to cover my tattoo," wrote @angelina_heartless. Her before-and-after pics demonstrate how the foundation was able to seamlessly cover up the name tattoo over her temple.

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You'd never know! What a great way to hide tattoos from the prying eyes of bosses...or your mom, who doesn't need to know how you've permanently altered the face she gave you. And if the foundation can conceal the name WAYNE in pretty large black script, just imagine what it will do for your complexion.

Next up, maybe this Angelina person can spill about her flawless brows and vampy purple lip?

Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, $35; katvondbeauty.com.

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