This Liquid Liner Trick Is the French Girl Beauty Hack You've Been Waiting For

Courtesy of hero/makeup artist Violette.

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Before today, liquid liner and smudging were two things we never wanted to hear in the same sentence. But if anyone could make us change our tune with the flick of her felt-tip pen, it's makeup artist Violette, who has helped us cultivate laissez-faire philosophies on everything from contouring to ear makeup.

In a new vlog for The Violet Files, the Parisian makeup artist and on-the-go face beat enthusiast shares a liquid liner hack so game-changing, you can literally pull it off anywhere—lack of precision welcome. "I like a black liner during the day that's a bit smudged," explains Violette, liquid liner in immaculately-manicured hand.

But wait, isn't smearing liquid carbon black pigment a bit high-risk? No, not according to Violette as long as it's above the lash line and along the wing itself. She applies the liquid pigment as close to the lash line as possible, fills in the gaps, then takes her middle finger and lightly presses into the line back and forth. Then, after going over the line again, she re-smudges it until it's more of a whisper on the lid versus an intense, solid line. To add more definition, she tightlines between the lashes.

As for the shape of the wing, it's all about achieving an almond shape. "I'm not going to make the wing too square or too slanted because it's going to make my eyes round," she says. Finally, to accent the smudgy cool-girl flick, Violette recommends applying mascara with special attention to the roots, as well as diffusing redness under the eyes with a concealer. (Pro Violette Tip: Don't cover up dark circles, it adds drama to the eyes.)

And voilá—five hours of sleep better has never looked better.

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