This Glossy Lip Art Hack Will Make a Beauty Vlogger Out of You Yet

Just add sparkles. ✨

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Lip art is not for the faint of heart—or those lacking in some serious painting skill. Well, at least the latter was true until now...

Netherlands-based makeup artist Suuz Brouwer has introduced a new pout-embellishing technique that looks ultra-cool and fancy, but is actually incredibly easy to do. All you need is sequins, glitter, gloss, and one key adhesive.

Brouwer uses DUO's Striplash Adhesive in white/clear to glue adornments, like hexagon-shaped sequins and glitter, to the lips—leaving lots of negative space so that it's less maintenance by default. Then, to seal in the design she creates on the center of the lips, she dabs on a non-sticky coat of clear gloss, which also leaves a lustrous finish.

While you may question the wearability of this kind of design, Brouwer explains that if you're careful, it should last for at least an hour. "As long as you don't eat greasy food and drink through a straw in the corner of your mouth, you should be able to rock this look," she tells us. While the less going on underneath, the less you have to worry about, you could also add a base color to the mix. Brouwer recommends a matte, long-lasting formula if you do go that route.

With festival season upon us, and lip gloss making a serious comeback, we can't think of a better way to impress our Instagram followers/onlookers alike.

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