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13 '90s Beauty Products You Loved and Totally Forgot About

You can still buy, like, almost all of these, FYI.
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Teen Spirit deodorant

In the most '90s tale ever told, a rock idol misinterpreted some graffiti, created a hit song, and made a personal care item immensely popular with adolescent girls.

2. L'Oreal Kids shampoo

TBH, even though we're adult women who use adult-woman hair products (that also smell amazing), that Jolly Rancher scent is unbeatable.

3. Caboodles

The colorways these days, man. Though there is a roaring vintage Caboodles trade on eBay...

4. Lip Smackers

*tucks one into back pocket* *licks it all off*

Bon Bons nail polish

Tempting you from those canisters near the cash register for 20-plus years.

6. Bath and Body Works anything in Cucumber Melon

Step 1: Shower with the gel. Step 2: Apply the lotion. Step 3: Douse self with the body splash. Step 4: Repeat.

Candy Kisses lip balm

Can we all agree the Clear Mint Chocolate sucked?

8. Hard Candy Nail Polish in Sky

Thank you, Alicia Silverstone, for bringing our attention to Chanel Nouvelle Vague before it was Chanel Nouvelle Vague. Plus the plastic rings.

9. Roll-on Body Glitter

What I would give to have plastic-flake-encrusted arms/collarbones/cheeks again. (Answer: about $4.)


Revlon Street Wear nail polish


Gap Heaven perfume

Some say that, at midnight, every grade-school locker room in America comes alive with the sound of a thousand phantom spritzes.

Sun In

Before babylights and blonde dictionaries, there was just the acid, some rays, and the pursuit of platinum.

13. Naturistics lip gloss

In the second most '90s story ever told, Alexis Bledel modeled for an ad campaign wearing marabou-festooned raver buns and a green choker. And *that* is our saccharine, sparkly youth summed up in one image. #takemeback

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