Cara Delevingne Took a Seriously Risky Eyeshadow Shade and Worked the Hell Out of It

Dang, girl.

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Part-time singer/full-time baller Cara Delevingne did two commendable things at last night's Sydney premiere of John Green's Paper Towns. 1) She wore an Aussie designer (Dion Lee) to an Australian screening, which more celebrities should consider doing because supporting the local talent is always cool. 2) She conquered burnt-orange eyeshadow like it wasrunning into Harry Styles—that is to say, like it was less than NBD.

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I expect some of you might think she's contracted a rare form of conjunctivitis or that it's too *runway,* and you would be correct to form your own opinion even if it is foolish and about to change in a moment. The thing is, Cara's MUA could have given her a nude lip and smoky eye, but instead, she painted on a pigment that would normally have no business on anyone's face in a way that made Cara look strong and graphic and not like everybody else. (BTW, this doesn't come off as pink-eye-y because it's coppery/browny instead of red.)

But you know what really makes this a success? How much Cara seems to be feeling it:

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