The Best Glitter Eyeshadows Create a Quick and Easy Statement Eye

Swipe on the shimmer.

assortment of the best glitter eyeshadows including hourglass and stila
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For a decade of my life, I've worn exclusively glitter pigments. I love sparkles, but my reasoning is a bit more nuanced. There is no eyeshadow easier and more foolproof to apply than one of the best glitter eyeshadows. No makeup brushes are necessary; it’s just a little finger swipe for a quick and easy statement. And, so long as you pick the right product, there’s no fallout.

With my very vast knowledge of glitter application and an overflowing pile of shadows, I’ve compiled the crème de la crème of glitter eyeshadows for your shopping pleasure. From finger-friendly, densely packed cream eyeshadow pots that don't crease to sheerer liquids that allow you to swipe on a chunky, albeit translucent wash, here are the best glitter eyeshadows in the game.

The Best Glitter Eyeshadows

The Best Glitter Eyeshadows

glitter eyeshadow

Beauty Editor Samantha Holender wearing Bodyography Glitter Pigment in shade Off the Cuff.

(Image credit: Samantha Holender)

Samantha Holender

Beauty Editor Samantha Holender wearing Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadow in shade Stellar.

(Image credit: Samantha Holender)

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What Size Glitter Is Best?

There’s nothing wrong with a metallic shadow, but when it comes to a true glitter shadow, you should be able to make out some separation in the flecks. “You want your product to be super pigmented and chunky,” says Williamson. It’s the differentiation between glitter specs that allows the shadow to catch the light.

What Texture Is Best for Glitter Eyeshadow?

You can’t go wrong with any texture, just know that the medium will alter the finish. “Liquid glitters space out a lot once you actually put it on your lid, so you have to do a lot of work to pack it on and actually get good coverage,” says Williamson. They can also double as eyeliner or a sparkly topper. Powders and creams, on the other hand, are best suited for a solid wash of color. “You can pick them up with a brush or your finger and it gives full coverage right away,” she adds.

Regardless of texture, make sure your product isn't too fast-drying. “You don't want something that's going to lock in place. Then, the next thing you know, your eye makeup is messed up, and you have to get micellar water," notes Williamson.

How to Apply Glitter Eyeshadow

The key to a fallout-free application is to start with a clean, no-fuss base. “Your lid naturally has a little bit of oil on it, so that's going to add to the grip of the glitter,” explains Williamson. “If you put down a powder first, you might get some fallout because it's not really sticking to your eyelid."

Once you open your pot or palette, pick up the glitter with your finger. "The warmth of my body melts the product into the skin," explains Gerstein. If a brush is more your speed, spray setting onto the bristles to help the glitter particles adhere. Should your glitter pigment be loose, Gerstein suggests mixing it with an emollient skincare formula, like the Revitalizing Eye Concentrate by Retrouvé.

bodyography glitter eyeshadow

The Bodyography Glitter Pigments are available in over 20 shades.

(Image credit: Bodyography)

Where Do You Apply Glitter Eyeshadow?

Where you place your glitter eyeshadow is totally your call. You can layer different shades for a full glitter eye, place a little in the center of your lid, or dab some at the inner corner. “If you’re new to wearing glitter, I recommend picking it up on a really thin brush and apply it on top of your eyeliner,” advises Williamson. “It’s a fun way to add a little hint without being too intense."

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