The Smoky Brow Trend Is the Secret to Natural-Looking Arches

Where there's smoke, there's 🔥.

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Filled-in brows have become as essential to our daily well-being as coffee and our best friend's cousin's Netflix login. Ahem...

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And while we've come a looong way—thanks so much for the daily reminders, Facebook—we still struggle to make our brows more pronounced without going overboard. However, finding our arch equilibrium is easier than ever thanks to a new technique by way of South Korea: the smoky brow.

As opposed to Instagram Brows, AKA HD Brows, which are meticulously drawn on with bold, precise lines, smoky brows are softer and more cooly understated. It's kind of like blurring, except for the brows. And in our humble opinion, these brows are a way better counterpart to the no-makeup makeup look. Not to mention, they require way less time and patience.

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The Three 🔑's to the Smoky Brow:

Use a Powder: Powders aren't as easy for the on-the-go as pencil, but are ideal for a soft-focus finish and the ability to build.

Blend, Blend, and...Blend: Whether you're using a brow pencil or a lightweight powder that matches your natural color to fill in your brows, you must diffuse the color with a stiff, angled brush until there are no visible lines or clumps of concentrated pigment. You want a soft wash of coverage that blends in with your natural hair. 

Pro tip: Hold the brush so the tip is where brow hairs begin and then brush upward with feathery strokers in the direction your brows grow naturally.

Follow the 3/4 Rule: Concentrate on the outer section of your arches. While an even application of product is important, you should use a lighter hand on the inside corner of your brows, where they're naturally more sparse. Also, brow sprouts are so hot right now—let them shine. 

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