The Secret $3 Tool That'll Give You a Perfect Makeup Application Every Time

It's hot mess proof.

Not exactly a secret amidst the beauty vlogging world—they're as commonplace in tutorials as the head tilt—there's something us rookies haven't really picked up on and that's the makeup shield.

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Beloved by bloggers and makeup artists alike—Mary Phillips recently revealed that she used the tool to create a statement-making smoky eye for J.Lo—the crescent-shaped pads ensure that makeup doesn't fall or bleed outside the lines while you're applying it. Kind of like a stencil. 

The tool is great for eye makeup looks, like a cut-crease shadow or a feline flick, but you can also use the tool when you're applying lipstick for a smear-free pout. The OG makeup shield was created by Shadow Shields and their version is hands-free and self adhesive. Not to mention, designed so that it can be placed on top of your foundation without disturbing it.

Another option comes from e.l.f. and is particularly great for when you 're applying mascara, as the reusable plastic pad rests on a stick and can be held above the eye so that the pigment doesn't smudge on your lids while you're coating your lashes. However, it can get tricky—you can only use one hand to apply. So it's really about choosing whatever shield makes the most sense for your routine. 

Whether you're a beauty pro that's amassed a following in the millions or just a beginner, a makeup shield is a super-cheap way (it costs as little as $3) to ensure your application is always on point 💯.

Eye Makeup Application Pads Options

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1. Shadow Shields 30 Pack, $9.99;

2. e.l.f. Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield, $3;

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