Why Gorilla Snot Hair Gel Is as Awesome as It Is Gross-Sounding

Reason #1: It's in Kim Kardashian's hair all the time.

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Bible—there isn't a product or tool that Jen Atkin has waxed poetic about that hasn't become a mainstay in my stash. From hair extension brushes to her OUAIHair Oil, I'm always eagerly awaiting her next must-have. It inevitably has the Kardashian kiss of approval, after all. 

So upon viewing Atkin's Snapchat recently, I learned she swears by moco de GORILA Gorilla Snot Hair Gel—particularly for steamrolling flyaways—and decided to do investigate on the equal parts intriguing and gross-sounding product. Now, I wasn't totally foreign to the term "Gorilla Snot" because as soon I saw the unapologetically-graphic packaging, I recall having picked up a jar of the stuff at Target and going "EWWW!" when I was, like, seven years old. So there was some nostalgia there.

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But regardless of the fact that it won't be making the cut for a product shelfie any time soon, the jury is in: this $3 gooey gel is unanimously loved by the internet, be it a twenty-something tending to her natural curls or a mother shellacking her daughter's hair down for gymnastics practice. Despite its "anti-gravitational" hold, it leaves zero flakes or residue behind.

Plus, a little bit goes a long way as evidenced by the S-wave texture Atkin gave Kim Kardashian prior to a CDFA event last fall. In a tutorial for the look, she hails Gorilla Snot as her "secret weapon" and with the humidity-happy months aheads, it might just be mine...

Moco De Gorila Punk Hair Gel, $2.69; target.com.

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