KFC Just Released Nail Polishes That Taste Like Fried Chicken

Who *hasn't* asked themselves if the world would be a better place with fried chicken-flavored nails?

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Fast food chains have the shock factor on lock (lookin' at you, Papa John's Frito chili cheese pizza and Taco Bell waffle taco)—but when you've conquered taste buds until they can be conquered no more, where do you go next?

Nail polish. 

I'd like to first issue a disclaimer: This is not a belated April Fool's announcement. This is also not a prank, nor is it the fantasy of a stoned beauty editor with the munchies. (Or at least not that we know of.)

In what seems to be a very real, very spirited business move, fried chicken chain KFC has released a line of flavored nail polishes. Yes, of the "finger lickin' good" variety. 


The polishes come in "original recipe" and "hot and spicy," and as you might have guessed, you're intended to paint them on and literally lick them.

Wait wait, before you jump up from your couch and run to the nearest drug store—the nail polishes are only available in Hong Kong and they're limited edition. So unfortunately you'll have to stick to your normal stuff for now (which I just taste-tested, because I'm that kind of dedicated and enterprising editor, and which fall more into the "hot plastic" flavor category than the "Southern soul food" one). 

Still skeptical? There's a commercial. Er, music video. Whatever it is, it's what your Wednesday needed.

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