Rejoice! You Can Now Get Kate Middleton's Glow in a Bottle

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It would be easy enough to write Kate Middleton's glow off as a manifestation of living in the lap of luxury. But as she's proven time and time again, she's a pretty a hands-on royal. Not to mention, a mother of two. So how does she keep her skin looking as if she's got a regal esthetician on tap?

For starters, she leaves her face in the hands of makeup artist Arabella Preston, who not only gave the Duchess makeup lessons before her wedding, but has has also launched her own line of facial oils, Votary. Before hitting Anthropologie in the spring, the brand had reached cult status/was only available in the U.K. But now the gift of a majesty-worthy glow has been bestowed upon us Americans, and we're never going back.

Preston's newest offering, Super Seed, is created from 21 different types of seeds, including green tea, chia, pomegranate, pumpkin, strawberry, and broccoli, and serves as a perfect base for makeup as it eliminates irritation, inflammation, and dullness. (Plus it's fragrance-free, which is excellent news if you've got a sensitive complexion).

"People think the opposite—that oil is going to make your makeup slide off and make you too greasy and too oily," Preston tells Yahoo Beauty. "But natural plant oils absorb directly into the skin, so I found that massaging that into the skin made an absolutely flawless base."

Massaging the oil into the skin increases circulation, tones the facial muscles, and brightens the complexion. You can learn exactly how Preston does this to her own skin, as well as clients (ahem, K-Mid), in her video tutorial below.

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At $110, the Votary Super Seed Facial Oil is, well, not cheap, but when you factor in that 1) You only need 4 to 5 drops per use, which means a 50 mL bottle will last a while and 2) It's basically fit for a queen, it's a hard one to pass up.

Votary Super Seed Facial Oil, $110;

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