The Product That Saved My Color-Treated Hair from Almost-Certain Dryness/Breakage

The sun, the water, and the holy Ghost (Oil).

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With green hair comes great responsibility—even greater if you are an uncommonly vain, neurotic, newly green-headed person, because then you just create more restrictions and impossible scenarios (a personal hell, really) for yourself. You put more thought into your New Image than most college seniors put into their theses. You suck it up and keep the tap turned all the way to sub-zero—even when you're sniffly—because that color has to stay vibrant, sinus infection be damned.

But sometimes, that's still not enough. Which is why we've got Verb Ghost Oil.

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Verb Ghost Oil, $14, available at

Rather like that one time I partied myself inexplicably prettier, this product discovery at last weekend's Austin City Limits practically makes me the Magellan of festival beauty. (Full disclosure: I attended as a guest of Verb but wouldn't be writing about it if I didn't believe in it. Truly bomb.) At a bit past the three-week mark, my asparagus-streaked lob had begun to, uh, crisp, most likely caused by own laziness, the Texas weather, and Mercury being in retrograde for, like, the past 47 years. So with my ends closer to splitting by the second, I did what any light packer would do: scrambled around my hotel room for something, anything to use as unintended.

Thank goodness the Verb team had thoughtfully left a bottle of the moringa oil blend, which I applied (two pumps) from the (dry) mid-lengths down. When I woke the next morning, everything had smoothed out without a hint of heaviness, and the dreaded triangle had even deflated into a wavy upside-down horseshoe. I've since used it on wet hair as a treatment/frizz preventative.

I did tell you it was truly bomb, but to recap: a) the name, which, if you haven't guessed, refers to how it vanishes in the hair like it was never there; b) spooky Halloween-y vibes; c) shine and less puffiness, all in one step, and d) freedom from being a prisoner of your circumstances *and* your own thoughts and insecurities.

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