I Tried Kate Middleton's Hairnet Look and It Holds Up Through *Everything*

She's onto something.

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Kate Middleton Nary-a-Hair-Out-of-Place Middleton has a new trick up her sleeve. As practical as it is a callback to the '40s and'50s, it's the hairnet and she wears it to keep her royally-coiffed 'dos in place.

But while "The Kate Effect" is very real, I suspect that because of the accessory's industrial or matronly associations, most women wouldn't consider the look as wearable as, say, her L.K. Bennett nude pumps.

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But food-service-industry ties be damned, I firmly believe that the hairnet can be chic and wearable in 2016...even if you're not a member of the royal family.

So, while getting all gussied up for the American Ballet Theatre Gala recently, I went for it. If anyone can appreciate the polish and practicality of a hairnet, it's dancers, right?

To recreate Middleton's hairnet-adorned updo, but with an edgier, I'm-not-a-fancy-royal remix, I looked to GlamSquad's creative director Giovanni Vaccaro.

First, my cotton-candy pink hair was combed back into a tight ponytail at the nape of the neck, then the edges of the hairline were smoothed back with Kérastase's Baume Double Je. To seal in smoothness, mists of Kérastase Laque Noir Hairspray locked flyaways into the place.

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To create the updo, the ponytail was split into five different sections, with each section twisted and pinned into the scalp, alternating directions in a circular motion. Once everything was in tact, a beige hairnet was stretched over the bun with excess netting twisted and tightened for a nice grip. All it took was a few bobby pins placed underneath the bun to keep everything in place. After one final spray of Laque Noir, I was ready to go.

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Styling-wise, since hairnets are inherently vintage-feeling, I had the rest of my look feel especially modern with a metallic Halston midi dress, strappy silver Christian Louboutin heels, and mixed-metal door knocker hoop earrings.

As for the hairstyle itself, I loved how the fishnet material added texture and dimension to my light pink bun. And, as I spent the night running around to make the performance in time, and twirling for the perfect Boomerang, I didn't have to worry about loose pieces sticking out or the bun unfurling in the wind. Perhaps most impressively, I actually slept in the updo that night and kept it in the entire next day and it saved me from what would inevitably be a bad hair day.

All in all, I was obsessed with my hairnet look and my biggest takeaway is that no one really batted an eye at it. I didn't feel costumey wearing it—it was just another accessory, but a special one on at that. So here's to the Duchess of Cambridge continuing her hairnet streak.

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