How Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Does a Full Face in Literally 10 Minutes

Complete with GIF breakdown because we love you.

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A Mario Dedivanovic face beat is SO bulletproof, some of his clients book him the night before an event if he can't do it day of. On a normal day, that kind of staying power requires a couple hours worth of work (ah, to be a Kardashian). But Mario is such a master, he can pull off a full face of TV-ready makeup in 10 minutes flat. We learned as much during an expedited master class he hosted with Jergens earlier today.

So us non-glam-squad-having mortals can look 💯 with only 10 minutes to spare, here's a breakdown of Dedivanovic's express face beat in GIFS.

1. Apply moisturizer wherever skin is showing. After massaging your go-to face moisturizer into your visage, smooth on a body moisturizer, like Jergens' Shea Butter Lotion, wherever skin is looking dull. "Having radiant, luminous skin on the body is just as important," he says.

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2. Apply a creamy foundation and blend. Dedivanovic is partial to creamy formulas as they can be manipulated for light or heavy coverage. He first applies it with a foundation brush, then uses a Beautyblender to tap it into the skin for a melted effect.

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3. Fill in the brows, but don't overdue it. "Instagram brows are so masculine," he explains. "It's just too much. It gives you a mean, witchy look." To ensure you don't go overboard, Dedivanovic says to concentrate on the outer corners of the brows, which lifts and elongates the face. Another must-do? Brushing through the product so that there are no harsh lines.

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4. Prime the lids. Skip eye primer! Mario believes the best way to ensure that your lids match your skin is by blending foundation or concealer onto them. Then, use translucent powder to set them and keep excess oil at bay.

5. Apply shadow and a few layers of eyeliner. After the lids were prepped, Dedivanovic brushed on the rose gold "Muse" shadow from his Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario collab. Then, in signature Mario fashion, he layered on three different eyeliners for extra dimension.

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He began with brown Kyliner on the upper lash line, layered over it with a black liner, then used an eye brush to blend and smudge it out. Later on, he tightlined the roots of the upper and lower lashes."It's my pet peeve when in photos, close up, you can see through liner," he explains.

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At the end, he blended everything out with a clean blush and got rid of the fall out beneath the eyes by wrapping a tissue around his finger and wiping it away.

6. Apply concealer and bake under the eyes. Using NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer with a peachy undertone to diffuse darkness and purple shadows, he applied it under the eyes, on the chin, and down the bridge of the nose. He then blended it out with a beautyblender and his ring finger.

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Next, came baking, or as Mario likes to call it, sandbagging. The express version consists of padding translucent powder under the eyes, leaving it on for 20-30 seconds, then using a brush to lightly sweep it away.

7. Moisturize and lightly line the lips. Keeping the pout natural, yet shiny and defined, he traced the outline of the lips with a pinky-nude pencil, then dabbed on balm for healthy-looking moisture and sheen.

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8. Apply mascara in wiggly fashion. Dedivanovic loves a false lash look, but when time is of the essence, he looks to Benefit's They're Real! Lengthening Mascara, and starting from the bases of the lashes, wiggles the wand back and forth up the lashes, coating each and every last strand for volume and thickness.

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9. Contour like you've only got a minute to do so.

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While Mario is all about a creamy formula for contouring, he opts for powders in a quick pinch. He lightly sculpted the face—honing in on the cheekbones, nose, temples, and jawline—using a discontinued Smashbox bronzer. Finally, set everything with a puff and loose powder. Voilà!

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