Here's What a $1,500 Haircut from Kate Middleton's Salon Looks Like on a Real Girl

Said real girl is me. ::waves hi::

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Full disclosure: the last time I got a professional haircut was years ago. The thing is, at some point between working, binge watching, and being incredibly lazy, I started cutting my own hair. Horrifying, I know, but minus the time I attempted to give myself bangs, the relationship between myself and my scissors has been one of mutual respect. But then I turned 30 and my hair was all, "I give up, bye" and lost the will to live.

So, when given an opportunity to have my hair cut by stylist Rossano Ferretti—whose work typically runs around $1,500 (yes, you read that number correctly)—I obviously volunteered as tribute and booked it over to his new Hairspa in NYC's Fuller Building.

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Okay, even more full disclosure: $1,500 is a lot of money to pay for a haircut. I could buy 1,500 pizza slices with that money. But Ferretti doesn't just deliver a haircut—he delivers a hair experience, and his method is straight up artistic. The process? First, we chatted about my hair needs (think of this as a hair therapy session), then I was treated to a luxurious scalp massage (would have coughed up $$$ just for this, to be honest), and finally I was ready for my cut.

But here's the thing—Ferretti doesn't simply cut hair. The Italian-born stylist uses "The Method," a system in which he snips away with a patented pair of texturizing scissors that cuts just 18 percent of one's hair instead of the typical 30 percent. This allows Ferretti to create his famous "Invisible Cut," an ultra-curated layering technique that his salon has used on clientele like Jennifer Lawrence, Dakota Johnson, and Kate Middleton. The results? An effortless, chic new do that's definitely an improvement on my own attempts at a DIY hair hack.

And P.S. if you don't need a cut from the man himself, a typical Hairspa 'do starts at $115.

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