Why Smurf Blue Is the Technicolor Dye Job of the Moment


Since fashion month, we've been feeling decidedly blue. Not simply because the weeks-long stream of to-die-for clothes and beauty is long over, but because in retrospect, we realized that Smurf blue was a sleeper hair color trend.

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We first spotted the cobalt hue backstage at Baja East, where Redken global creative director Guido Palau customized the shade for otherwordly-stunning (and model of the moment) Duckie.

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Days later, at Marc Jacobs, Chinese beauty Mae Mei Lapres was also sporting a similar shade of midnight blue, which she wore throughout the entire season.

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Then, at Versace during Milan Fashion Week, models were bedecked in a slew of different monochrome, rainbow-bright extensions. Also created by Palau, a few of the models were rocking the lengthy, sleek strands in striking deep blue.

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Finally, model-musician Sita Abellán made the fashion month rounds, both front row and on the runway for FENTY x Puma, sporting her new signature dark blue mullet.

While unapologetically bold, Smurf blue–whether it's painted on a few streaks or the entire head–is universally flattering. Plus, you can rock it now as a subversive statement for spring, or hold off to the cooler months in the fall. Either way, you can mimic the precise shades at a local Redken salon with the brand's City Beats Collection, which includes three different blues including Broadway Blue (a true cobalt), Brooklyn Blue (electric blue), and Times Square Teal (a bright blue-green).

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