Introducing the World's Most Romantic Couple

Polo heartthrob Nacho Figueras and his equally gorgeous wife bottle up their love for a new campaign.

Want to meet a couple who will make your relationship seem horribly inferior? Then let me introduce you to Nacho and Delfi, the most charming soulmate scenario in the universe.

The Argentinian duo — polo player Nacho Figueras and his photographer/model wife Delfina Blaquier — is doing us mere mortal romantics a solid and bottling up a few ounces of their lovey-dovey magic: They're the stars of the new Ralph Lauren Romance campaign.

During the behind-the-scenes video from their Bruce Weber-helmed photo shoot, the gorgeous pair answer questions posed by their equally adorable son and lie in the grass (and in each other's well-toned arms) on their "modest" family estate. And as they partake in a half-dozen almost-kisses, it's clear that they're still just too far apart.

"She's with me every single day of my life," Nacho says. "If I could bring her on the horses, I would, too, but you're not allowed to do it."


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