Surprising Beauty Trends Around the World

Beauty standards aren't so standard after all.

Fact: Women all over the world are pushing beauty boundaries left and right. And when they get creative, we get buzzy new trends that inspire us to go a little more outside our comfort zones (or *a lot* more, ahem hair burning ahem). Here's what's popular around the globe, i.e. what you'll be hearing about non-stop in about three months.

Sweet and Sour Eyes in India

Eye with eyeliner

(Image credit: Getty Images)

"Indian women are loving what I call Sweet and Sour Eyes—a feminine pastel colored eyeshadow on the lid with a strong contrasting eyeliner in shocking green, electric blue or magenta pink," says Patinkin. "It's modern and bold."

Samantha Leal
Samantha Leal

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