How Does Supergoop!’s New Tinted SPF Stack Up?

Protec(tint) Daily SPF comes in 14 flexible shades.

supergoop protectint
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Supergoop! knows sunscreen. To date, they’ve never launched a single product without it—even their lip balms, CC creams, and eyeshadows come complete with at least SPF 30. That all said, it shouldn't be too big of surprise that their newest product is a thoughtful take on tinted sunscreen. Protec(tint) Daily SPF Tint, which officially launches at Sephora today, provides protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays (a given), in addition to visible light. 

“So much of what inspired this product came from my conversations with dermatologists about the emerging science behind tinted SPF,” Supergoop! founder Holly Thaggard exclusively shares with Marie Claire. “We’re learning that hyperpigmentation can be caused in particular by visible light—and one of the easiest ways to protect skin from that is with a tint.” 

It is true: Tints, which come from zinc oxide (this formula contains 13.58 percent) and iron oxides, are effective at reducing environmental stress on the skin. That’s precisely why nearly every five-star tinted spf on the market uses them as filters. What sets this Supergoop! formula apart from other cult favorites however is the rest of its composition. “We leveraged the benefits of soothing mineral zinc oxide and translucent chemical actives to get a strong, lightweight, broad-spectrum SPF, while eliminating the blueish-white cast often seen in mineral-only skin tints,” explains the brand’s SVP of Product Development Regina Maguire.

supergoop protectint

Supergoop! Protec(tint) is available in 14 flexible shades.

(Image credit: Supergoop)

Protection comes first and foremost, but a handful of ingredients such as ectoin, hyaluronic acid-infused clay, and quora noni were added in an effort to help balance oil production. “White clay will draw out impurities, while hyaluronic acid will draw in moisture so it’s less drying,” explains cosmetic chemist Ginger King. “The quora noni is a biotech ingredient that balances the microbiome of the skin—and leads to a more even complexion.” 

Despite this formula being skincare first, it does maintain a really elegant cosmetic payoff. The coverage is on the sheer side, but it still provides some coverage and a natural finish. It’s surprisingly buildable and can be applied with your hands, a beauty blender, or a brush—my personal go-to if I’m trying to achieve fuller coverage. 

It’s available in 14 shades that adapt to your skin tone and retails for $44. Shop the product today on or in store on March 8. 

Samantha Holender
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