The Crown's Version of Princess Kate Forgot One Very Crucial Beauty Detail

Hint: It's a missing accessory from the day she met Prince William.

The Crown
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While it's been pointed out time and time again that The Crown is a work of fiction, the Netflix series certainly gets a lot right when it comes to the royal family—especially regarding their style. From perfecting Princess Diana's signature blonde hair (and swimsuits) to recreating the Queen's jewels, the show's costume designers are very talented. The only problem here? Fans of the royals are quite detail-oriented. Even if 99.9 percent of the work is spot on, they'll know when something is out of place.

On Tuesday, November 28, Netflix dropped a series of first-look images from the second half of The Crown Season 6, which drops in mid-December. To fans' delight, one photo in particular featured a highly anticipated scene: The famous St. Andrew's University charity fashion show where, as rumor has it, Kate Middleton first caught Prince William's eye. And yet, her iconic, barely-there look is missing something.

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While television Kate's sheer strapless dress appears exactly like the real life netted number, the fabric hair wraps that tied the whole look together are nowhere to be seen. Walking the runway in a number of outfits, the real Kate kept her hair in a very specific style on that fateful 2002 afternoon, with aperfectly of-the-times fabric tied into her dark brown locks. In Netflix's version, the fabric has disappeared, leaving only bouncy curls on-screen.

Kate Middleton Hair Wrap

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Capturing more modern times in the monarchy, the final chapter of the show picked up in 1997. Season 6 first premiered on November 16, with the second half dropping December 14. In the show's final episodes, William and Kate will be played by actors Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy. In true The Crown fashion, Bellamy is a spitting image of the young, future Princess of Wales.

"It’s nearly timeeee…" the actress wrote via Instagram on Tuesday, sharing the same image as Netflix. While her hairstyle might not all be there, fans will still happily tune into the show.

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