The TikTok Crowd Is Swapping Black Mascara for This Cool-Girl Color—I Cosign the Trend

Total eye candy.

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Confession: I haven't worn black mascara in months. No, I was not blessed with naturally long, doll-like lashes—quite the opposite, in fact! My flutters are blonde and stubbornly straight, so it's rare that I leave the house without a coat of pigment (or, at the very least, a proper curl). Lately, that pigment just happens to be anything but jet black. Navy, violet, emerald, cobalt, russet… I love to play around with hues that level up my look without much of a lift. (It's much easier to swipe on a jewel-tone mascara than to try your hand at graphic liner, is it not?)

I tend to rotate colors based on the rest of my makeup and mood, but for the past several weeks, my eyes have been drawn to a deep maroon. I'm not alone—the term "burgundy mascara" has over 53 million videos on TikTok, including one from Millie Bobby Brown gushing over the red-purplish pigment. Another user even goes so far as to claim that "black mascara is out, burgundy mascara is in" (and I'm inclined to agree!).

The hype is well warranted. Burgundy, after all, flatters every eye color: It emphasizes the richness of brown eyes, makes blue and green eyes pop (since they sit on opposite sides of the color wheel), and in hazel orbs, it helps any green or gold flecks stand out. Swap your black mascara for burgundy, and I bet you'll never look back—especially after browsing these stunning options (with gorgeous eyeliners to match) below.

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The Best Burgundy Mascaras

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