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For many, talking about money can feel taboo, awkward, or just the last thing you want to chat about. In actuality, having candid conversations around wealth, finance, and career is incredibly important, not to mention an empowering tool. Honest discourse around finance not only betters your own personal relationship with money, but it also helps break down income inequality and wealth gaps, which we know impacts women, particularly women of color, at higher rates.

A great way to spark conversations about money in your own life is to listen and learn from the dialogue of others. But sometimes, listening to other people talk about money can be a huge snooze fest, filled with stale stock comparisons and boring bond analyses. That's why we rounded up our favorite financial podcasts—no matter where you are in your financial wellness journey—that won’t put you to sleep. Promise.

Best for Beginners

So Money

So Money doesn’t isolate finance from the larger cultural conversation; rather, it examines the position money has the world. Episodes like “How to Make Big Life Changes and Move in the Pandemic” and “Raising Strong and Financially Secure Black Kids” feel grounded in real topics and conversations. Plus, on Fridays, host Farnoosh Torabi answers listeners questions about all things money and career.

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Planet Money

The grandfather of money podcasts, NPR’s Planet Money is the essential listen if you’re just starting out. With over 350 episodes, there’s no shortage of expert intel on the economy today. Planet Money is less a personal service podcast and more a deep, digestible suite of information, so download it for the basics and pair it with a personal finance podcast to better utilize what you’ve learned.

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HerMoney with Jean Chatzky

With over 250 episodes in the bank, personal finance journalist Jean Chatzky’s podcast HerMoney is worth the hype. The holy grail of finance podcasts, HerMoney is acutely concerned with how women can build financial freedom. But it doesn’t stop there: HerMoney also covers career, personal relationships, and social issues.

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Best for Millennials

Millennial Investing (The Investor's Podcast Network)

Host Robert Leonard invites business leaders and investors alike to help listeners understand the fundamentals of investing. Episodes offer expert advice on everything from picking stocks to building your brand through social media marketing to investing in Bitcoin and Crypto.

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Mo’ Money

Host Jessica Moorhouse interviews experts, CEOS, and celebs (even Perez Hilton) to help listeners make smarter money choices. Topics like “Reaching Financial Independence if You’re Single,” “Managing Debt During the Pandemic,” and “How to Become More Financially Self-Reliant” are tailored to people just starting their money-management journey. Though conversational, Moorhouse never talks down to listeners.

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Best for Disruptors

Redefining Wealth

Hosted by personal finance author Patrice Washington, Redefining Wealth does just that: It makes you reconsider what wealth and money means to you, and what role it plays in your life. Washington approaches money and career conversations in the scope of your personal wellbeing, and encourages you to consider money as a tool that can bolster your wellbeing, not as something that defines it. In Washington's own words, "chase purpose, not money."

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The Fairer Cents

Personal finance gets real in Fairer Cents. Co-hosts Tanja Hester and Kara Perez bulldoze through “taboo” money topics, such as how money impacts friendships and relationships, the economics of giving birth and reproductive care, and systemic discrimination that women, specifically women of color, face when trying to build their net worth.

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Brown Ambition

In this weekly podcast, cohosts Mandi Woodruff, executive editor of, and Tiffany Aliche, former personal finance reporter for Yahoo Finance, tackle career questions, financial advice, and conversations around the wealth gap that women of color, specifically Black and brown women, face. Equally fun as it is helpful, Brown Ambition is a must-listen.

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Best for Seasoned Investors

We Study Billionaires (From The Investor’s Podcast Network)

If you know your stuff, download this podcast to take your stock, bond, and wealth-building game to the next level. The Investor's Podcast Network's crew of hosts interview real billionaires, like Warren Buffett, on air to get the wealth scoop.

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Afford Anything

If you're committed to diving into more complicated conversations around wealth (or have a longer-than-average commute) try Afford Anything. Episodes are about an hour, a little longer than our other options here, but that gives host Paula Pant more time to tease out more nuances (like the "Emotional Complexity of Money") as well as interview industry titans.

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