9 Professions That Hibernate When It's Freezing Out

We care more about our limbs than these jobs.

There are plenty of jobs that last all year 'round (bummer). But for every banker, sales person, and editor, there is someone who's job doesn't quite translate to cooler temperatures. Here are our favorites:

1. A flasher and/or streaker: I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

2. Abercrombie & Fitch Door Greeter: Read: no shirt. Sorry, the 13-year-old girls can wait for an awkward picture until spring.

3. Pool Boy: Because no one wants to hear your nervous quip that you're a "grower and not a show-er."

4. "Gentleman's Club" Promoter: As in, wrap those girls in fur blankets and send them home!

5. Tan Mom: No sun? No way.

6. Ice Cream Truck Servers: We don't care if we hear that lovely music from down the block. NOT. LEAVING. THE. HOUSE.

7. AC Repair Man: If your roommate turns on the air because "she's warm-blooded" one more time, she's dead.

8. The Activities Director at the Nudist Colony: I don't think anyone wants to play nude dodgeball in this weather, guy.

9. The annoying people who ask you if you have 5 minutes to save the world: No. I don't.

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