How to Get a Job at Vevo

If music is your passion, listen up.

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The days of Total Request Live are long gone, but music videos made a comeback (sans Carson Daly) thanks to Vevo, a premium music video and entertainment platform, that syndicates programs to the likes of YouTube and Apple TV.

All summer long, Vevo hosts live concert events to support new artists, while they continue to work with superstars like Usher and Jennifer Lopez through their "Certified" series, which honors artists and music videos that reached 100 million views. There's no guarantee you'll meet Usher if you score a job at Vevo, but there are artist meet-and-greets at the office every week. Current staffers got to see Hilary Duff, Magic!, and Sam Smith perform – I'm jealous!

Vevo's latest venture is the August premiere of "NEXT," an original program introducing viewers to newly signed artists through performances and interviews. Additional series, including an updated version of "Stylized," now co-produced by Milk Studios, MADE, and Legs Media, launch this fall. Want in on the action? Vevo's Senior Vice President of Content & Programming Doug McVehil shares his tips on how to land a job at Vevo.

Follow Billboard Charts

Before the interview, read blogs like Stream Daily, VideoInk, Billboard, Pitchfork, and Hits to be in tune with music news and industry trends.

Give a Killer Presentation

A recent applicant made a big impression by turning around a Keynote presentation on what she would do in the position and had it on my desk less than 24 hours after her interview.

Be an Avid Concertgoer

A passion for music is key. During the interview we'll ask you what was your first concert and what was the last concert you've seen.

Make Your Cover Letter Count

I'm a stickler for design, so your cover letter should be clean, easy to read, and short. Hiring always comes down to three things for me: experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm. A good cover letter showing your passion is important. I always read them.

Don't Be Cocky

It's one thing to be confident in your skills and talents, but it's never good to be cocky. Come in with a clear vision, but be open to new ideas and always stay positive.

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