How to Get a Product Design Job at Samsung

If your passion is creating products we'll use tomorrow, then you'll want to find out who the hiring manager at Samsung is look for.

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Designers at Samsung are really working on the edge of cool and life changing. Before even putting a pen to paper, they check out the competition, see what technology is needed for the market, and figure out how a design can benefit their consumers. After, they get started on cutting-edge mobile devices, high-end displays, and smart home appliances.

We sat down with Talent Acquisition Manager at Samsung Electronics America, Will Lawrence, to find out how to land one of these coveted jobs. Here are his five tips:

Know Your Consumer

Designers need to know the target users of the products they're creating. How would you know what consumers want? Follow the market trends, of course (they expect you to)! Most designers who share the same interests as their customers — liking the same music, photography, dance, and travel — are more enthusiastic to new ideas and breaking boundaries.

Passion Is Key

Your résumé and portfolio will show the interviewer that you can sketch, build a computer-aided design, and research a product, but they want to see that you have an insatiable hunger for the job. Prove that you have an appetite to challenge seemingly impossible odds and affect the world in a positive way through design.

Bring Idea Pitches to the Interview

Samsung is emphasizing innovation and design more than ever. We're looking for someone who is curious, shows enthusiasm, and asks thoughtful questions. Prove that you are this person by bringing new ideas to our first meeting with you.

Expect a Busy Day

Samsung is not your typical "9 to 5" company. Product designers are involved in defining new product categories, crafting the product vision and experience, and designing every last physical detail. Industrial designers are tightly connected with engineering and product planning to maintain design intent, realism, and feature set.

Love to Travel

Travel is a large part of an industrial designer's life at Samsung – travel for design inspiration and meetings with team members in South Korea. Samsung is creating overseas design studios globally and partnering with the world's best movers and shakers. The cultural mix of East meets West continues to be a proven success time and time again.

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