Jet Blues

The highs and lows of corporate travel.

model in black and white dress going through airport metal detector
(Image credit: Thierry Van Biesen)

HIGH: You score precious face time with the boss to pitch your new project.

LOW: Your boss is a close talker--with halitosis.

HIGH: Room service, here you come!

LOW: "Room service" at the Econo Lodge equals vending machine.

HIGH: You're all set with your state-of-the-art multimedia presentation.

LOW: The airline loses all your stuff (including the sparklers that were part of your big finale).

HIGH: You packed your knock-'em-dead suit.

LOW: The hotel's lack of hair dryers means your power-suit look is now topped with Krusty the Clown hair.

HIGH: You get a chance to meet people from different departments.

LOW: You have to share a room with weird Judy from sales, who insists on sleeping in the nude.

HIGH: One-on-one, your uptight boss finally seems to relax.

LOW: After three glasses of wine, she lets slip that she's embezzling from the company.


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Crunching the travel numbers, female-style.

80% of female business travelers say they view their trips as a sign of professional achievement.

53% of women say they eat the turndown-service mints left on their bed pillows.

$175 billion The amount women spend on their 14 million business trips annually. And that's a lot of peanuts.