Reasons Why You Shouldn't Play Hooky at Work

We know. We know.

playing hooky
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1. Sleeping in late is all in your head. Guaranteed you can't sleep past 8 a.m. because life is cruel that way.

2. The timing will likely give you away: Is it the Monday after daylight savings or the Friday before a three-day weekend? Chances are your boss will see right through this.

3. Social media poses a problem. It tracks your every move.

4. You will most definitely upset your bank account. While at work, the worst thing you might do is blow $11 on an overpriced taco, but if you have the whole day to yourself? Who knows what could happen.

5. You probably won't be as productive as you think. Hitting the gym sounds amazing until you turn on the TV and realize Bravo was playing a Season 2 Real Housewives of New York City marathon.

6. It won't make the week feel any shorter. Tragic but true.

7. You might spend the day worrying about whether or not you're in trouble. This is the least relaxing thing on the planet, other than getting a root canal.

8. There's a chance you'll miss the one random day a week when lunch is free. PIZZA for EVERYONE!!!

9. You'll make a mess. Your usually semi-clean apartment will probably turn into a tornado zone thanks to three full meals of take-out.

10. The work you're avoiding will still be there tomorrow. And the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

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