Cara Delevingne Is the New Face of Topshop

Their first solo campaign star, ever.

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If any model can inspire Topshop to break tradition, it's Cara Delevingne. The It-Brit is the first model to appear solo in a Topshop campaign, by becoming the face the high street retailer's fall ads. She first worked with the brand in 2010 as part of the Kate Moss for Topshop campaign and has walked in three consecutive fashion shows, but it's about time she got the spotlight to herself.

"Cara is a true Topshop girl. Her style is confident and playful and she can be sophisticated and chic as easily as she can be cool and casual," said Topshop's creative director, Kate Phelan. "Putting her spin on everything she makes the Topshop collection her own. Her uninhibited natural energy is intoxicating, she is free spirited and fun."

Phelan styled the 21-year-old for 12 stunning images, which were shot by Alasdair McLellan. As luck would have, it was at the campaign shoot that Delevingne met her beloved little bunny, Cecil, who was originally supposed to be a prop.

The launch of the Fall 2014 collection and campaign coincides with the brand's global expansion with five new US stores, as wells as openings in Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Egypt, New Zealand, and Panama.

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