Teenage Boy Pens Letter In Support Of Feminism (And Emma Watson!)

He gets it.

Emma Watson is every feminist's favorite person right now. For her role as an United Nations Woman Goodwill Ambassador, she spoke during the UN Summit last week, and gave a truly kick-ass speech on the importance of men getting behind women's rights. The on-screen Miss Granger hasn't just won the approval of tried and true feminists, but some new converts, as well. Fifteen-year-old Ed Holtom felt so strongly about Watson's message that he wrote a letter in response. British newspaper, The Telegraph, published it and naturally it went viral. "Feminism is not about man-hating or female supremacy. It is, by definition, the opposite," Holtom says. "It's pretty simple really: If you believe in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes, you're a feminist."

Holtom not only commended Watson for her speech, but expressed his dismay that his classmates at his all-boys school aren't as eager to accept feminism into their lives. Read the full letter in the tweet below.

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His letter was concise, but eloquently explained everything that feminists have been trying to say for decades. Fifteen years old and he gets it. Why is it so hard for the world to do the same?


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