Emma Watson Demands Higher Representation of Women in Politics

She's wasting no time as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

emma watson
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Emma Watson wears many hats, from award-winning actress to idiosyncratic fashion plate to feminist activist. In her latest effort as the latter, Watson traveled to South America to serve as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador during a presentation of the HeForShe campaign at Uruguay's Parliament in Montevideo.

During the event, the 24-year-old campaigned for higher representation of women in politics, specifically calling on men of all ages to be proactive in the fight against gender inequality. She also delivered a petition with 5,500 signatures calling on Uruguay's General Assembly to pass a bill implementing quotas.

According to the Daily Mail, Watson, aided by a translator, spoke with palpable fervor and compelled a large, youthful crowd:

"I was immensely touched to see so many young people outside the parliament here in Uruguay," she said following her speech. "At the back of the room there were five young women, probably under the age of 17, who were holding a banner that said, 'Say yes to more women in politics'. To see this kind of participation is why I'm here. It's why I've come to Uruguay and why I want to work with UN Women. Thankfully, I have this platform and I'm able to shine a light on these issues, which are really important to me and this is what I want to continue to do and what I believe in passionately."

While Watson boasts inherent Hollywood appeal, there's no doubt that she holds a special place in the heart of every member of the Harry Potter series' colossal fan base, making her reach all the more crucial to the movement. Hermoine Granger is a feminist icon and she's most definitely doing right by our favorite wizard.

emma watson

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Emma Watson Named Goodwill Ambassador for U.N. Women

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