Emma Thompson Has the Most Eloquent Response to the Harvey Weinstein Allegations

"He is the tip of the iceberg."

Emma thompson
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Everyone has something to say about Harvey Weinstein's alleged assaults, though some have stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Terry Crews' revelation of his own assault demonstrated how victims are easily silenced in the industry, whilst Evan Rachel Wood's 14-minute video explained the difficulty in naming your assaulter.

Now, actress Emma Thompson has something to say, and the internet is quite rightly in love.

In a BBC Newsnight interview, Thompson is asked about Weinstein and her opinion of the allegations.

She claims that, when she was an actress in her 20s she was harassed frequently by older men in the industry, and that this is nothing to do with sex addiction (Weinstein has admitted himself to gain sex addiction treatment) and he is instead a "predator."

We've heard through multiple allegations that Weinstein often told actresses like Léa Seydoux they needed to lose weight to be more successful, but, as Thompson points out, we shouldn't become too fixated on one person, since he is just "the tip of the iceberg."

She states that this is part of a larger societal issue, a "crisis in masculinity," and that there are many people like him in Hollywood, whether they have assaulted one woman or many.

The actress suggests that this is a universal endemic that can only be solved by people opening their mouths and saying something, though she also notes her privilege in race and class aiding her in being able to speak out more easily.

The internet is abuzz with praise for the actress, with people saying that she has nailed the issue on the head:

We couldn't agree more.

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