16 Iconic Beyoncé and Jay-Z Moments From Their New Music Video

They actually outshine the Mona Lisa.

Beyonce Jay Z
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The music video for "Apes**t," the second track from The Carters' (a.k.a. Beyoncé and Jay-Z) surprise album, Everything Is Love, is here—and it's sensational. Peppered with references to the Grammys, the Super Bowl, their individual and collective success, and even their relationship ("I can't believe we made it" doesn't feel subtle), it's also set in the freaking Louvre. Yes, that Louvre.

This video has the Mona Lisa, for God's sake. It has Beyoncé in outfits that, believe it or not, make the Mona Lisa look kinda dull. It has Jay-Z and Beyoncé singing while gazing into one another's eyes. It has a whole lot of dancing in front of world-respected artwork.

Without further ado, its 16 most breathtaking moments:

When They First Appear In Their Pastel Suits

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When The Carters Reminded Us Just How Perfect They Are Together

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And Also Just Very, Very Cool

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When They Staged This All-White Setting

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Did I Mention The Actual Mona Lisa?

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Oh, And Here They Are Outshining Her, No Biggie

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When It's Just Beyoncé And Really, Do We Need Anything More?

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These. Freaking. Outfits.

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This "Formation" Throwback

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When Beyoncé Leaps Into The Spotlight And Jay-Z Is Just Watching

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I Don't Know What's Happening Here But I'm Into It

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When Even Jay-Z Is Kinda Thrown At How Huge This Painting Is

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This Is Just A Man On A Horse

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When Beyoncé Is Head-To-Toe In Pearls

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When They Made Us Want To Just Bow Down

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You can watch the full video below.